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Touching Testimonial


I just received your email about Catching Fireflies. All I can say is congratulations on an amazing job. I remember meeting you for Tea in North Hollywood and you were so passionate about this vision you had in your head and your heart. Your eyes were huge when you were describing the film and the experience you had in India and here in LA which prompted you to take action and be the difference. I remember you saying, 'to fight poverty we can do so much right here in our own city.'

As an artist I understand the creative drive, I understand delivering a message to people to inspire, move and ultimately influence their thoughts, emotions and cognition. You my friend have taken a dream and manifested it into this incredible tangible creation. Congratulations Lee! I knew there was something very different about you the moment I met you. Keep being you.

I am lucky to be a part of your dream, thank you

Warm Regards,

J. S.

"Truly touched by this amazing testimonial. It makes what I do worth every second."


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