A cardboard house on the streets of a bustling downtown metropolitan city, little 9 year old Latina girl, ISABELLA and her heroine addict mother, SOFIA, strive to survive the woe’s of skid-row. The creativity and artistry from Isabella proves to be a solid companion while dealing with a world full of darkness. Sofia’s addiction leads to careless parenting and subjects her precious daughter to the demons and horrors of life on the streets.

Not wanting to be left alone Isabella follows her mother thru dingy, needle infested streets of harsh realities. An unexpected scenario forces a horror she may never overcome.

A jolly stranger teaches Isabella how to make wishes come true. She hears something that wakes her in the night, investigates and is mesmerized by the beauty of mystic and wonder. Though the magical imagination of this child is so unconditionally whimsical, Sofia finds herself gripping the reality and consequences she has caused.